UV Micro

On site Inspection & Analysis

At UV Micro we believe that cleaner is healthier. We ensure that your environment is healthy for you and everyone by providing a number of cleaning and sanitizing services and solutions.

To help us determine which service or solution is right for you we carry out a clean audit. This allows us to determine what your immediate needs are and what other possible areas may be in need of servicing in the future.

We begin with our check list of items that are usually in need of cleaning and sanitizing. This is done by employing certain methodologies and technologies to help inform and guide us. We then analyze our findings and  report back to you. UV Micro is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Begin your consultation today!

UV Micro specializes in:

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitization in Barbados

Carpet Cleaning in Barbados

Rug Cleaning in Barbados

Upholstered Furniture Cleaning in Barbados

Environmental Sanitization in Barbados

Water & Smoke Damage Restoration in Barbados

Odor Control in Barbados