Walgreens Dual Frequency Stethoscope



Outstanding features:

Inner-spring type aluminum binaural

High/low frequency diaphragm

High-density, lightweight aluminum chest piece

Non-chill bell and diaphragm ring

Includes: assembled stethoscope with ear tips,

1 additional diaphragm and 1 additional set of large-size ear tips

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Ear Tip Positioning – To best hear the sounds to be analyzed, please keep the following tips in mind:

The earpieces should point forward when in use as illustrated.

The earpieces should fit in your ears comfortably but securely.

A replacement set of tips is include should yours become lost or damaged.

Binaural Positioning – The binaurals may be adjusted to ensure maximum comfort and efficacy.

To increase the tension, simply squeeze the binaurals just above the joint where they meet, crossing the earpieces. Do not apply too much pressure; apply a minimum of force, slightly increasing the pressure until the earpieces fit comfortably.

If the earpieces are too tight, pull the binaurals apart, grasping them just above the joint where they meet. Be gentle, so as not to damage the stethoscope.

Use caution when adjusting the binaurals to avoid damage. When bringing the earpieces closer together, the maximum tension used should bring the tubing on either side within contact. When pulling the binaurals apart, do not exceed 90 degrees between the binaurals.

  • Warnings

    This device is intended for medical diagnostic purposes only. It can be used for listening to heart, lung and other body sounds as well as for normal auscultation. The device is not designed, sold or intended for use except as indicated.