Equate On-The-Go First Aid Kit-85 pieces


On-The-Go First Aid Kit has everything you need to provide first aid care at a moment’s notice, anywhere you go. Packed with 85-pieces of first aid essentials, this kit will help you tend to minor cuts, burns, and sprains with wipes and topicals to clean skin and prevent infections, wound dressings and bandages to help stop bleeding and protect the wound, and necessary utensils like cotton-tipped applicators and nitrile exam gloves to handle the situation with care. Keep a kit in your car, at home, or take it with you when you travel to make sure you have what you need for life’s little accidents. Treat minor injuries wherever you travel with our Equate On-The-Go First Aid Kit.

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Equate On-The-Go First Aid Kit, 85 Items:

  • 85-piece first aid kit
  • Items come packed into a durable plastic case with a carrying handle and sliding locks for secure storage and transportation
  • Pack-and-go convenience
  • Essential first aid kit to have on hand at home, in your car, or to keep with you while traveling
  • Includes antibacterial bandages, medicines and topicals, instruments, and wound dressings