Equate Two-Sided Finger Splints, 2 Count


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Equate Two-Sided Finger Splints are designed to provide much-needed comfort and support to your broken or injured fingers. With one medium and one large splint, it can securely fit on your fingers with ease. With its hook and loop bands, it eliminates the need for separate tapes. This lightweight splint provides effective relief and prevents your finger from getting into awkward positions while you are preforming your daily activities. With Equate Two-Sided Finger Splints, you can keep your fingers protected and need not worry about further injuries while they are healing.

With a wide range of health and beauty products, Equate provides their customers with a healthy and effective way to improve the quality of their daily lives. At Equate, we believe that taking care of your family doesn’t have to come at a high price. Every product we make is the result of innovation, rigorous standards and high quality ingredients, and that has helped us become one of the most trusted brands across the country.

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Equate Two-Sided Finger Splints, 2 Count:

  • One medium and one large splint per container
  • Tape-free design
  • Two-sided padding allows for air ventilation and fits any finger
  • Adjustable strap stabilizes and prevents injury
  • Not intended for children under 12 without supervision