Equate First Signal One Step Pregnancy Test


When you need an accurate, reliable, and speedy result, reach for an Equate One Step Pregnancy Test. The easy-to-follow directions are paired with helpful diagrams to take the stress out of the often complicated at-home testing process. To use the test, simply collect a small amount of urine in a clean, dry container. Then, use the included eyedropper to add just three full drops to the test area conveniently labeled with an “s” (for “sample”). Two red lines in the result window indicate that you are likely pregnant, and positive results may show as early as 60 seconds. With more than 99 percent accuracy, you can be confident in the result revealed by the Equate One Step Pregnancy Test

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  • First signal one step pregnancy test
  • Over 99 percent accurate
  • Positive results as soon as 1 minute
  • Easy to read
  • Use any time of day
  • Contains 1 test cassette with dropper


Over 99 percent accurate, Positive results as soon as 1 minute, Easy to read, Use any time of day