Equate Comfort Cushion Insoles, Men & Women, White, 1 Pair


Walk more comfortably in your shoes when you use Equate Comfort Cushion Insoles. These insoles are designed to provide additional cushioning for men and women and are especially helpful for people with sensitive feet. Each insole is made from a soft foam that’s ventilated to help keep your feet cool and dry while providing extra support when needed. These versatile cushions can be trimmed to fit in exercise sneakers, work boots, dress shoes, and casual shoes. They are designed to not crowd your feet within your shoes, allowing your footwear to still fit comfortably with repeated use. Just make sure that the Equate insoles are laying flat inside your shoes, and trim as needed for the best fit. Feel more comfortable while on your feet with Equate Comfort Cushion Insoles.

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Product details

Your Insole Size Is The Same As Your Shoe Size.
– Cushions every step
– Will not crowd foot in shoe
– Increases walking comfort


Equate Comfort Cushion Insoles, Men & Women, White, 1 Pair:

  • One pair per package
  • Trim to fit
  • Made of ventilated soft foam
  • Designed to not crowd shoes
  • Able to fit men’s and women’s footwear