Elastic Ankle Support (Medium)


1 Elastic Ankle Support Adjustable Foot Brace Sports Wrap Compression Protection Medium Size

PROTECT THE ANKLE and minimize the risk of injury. Helps relieve pain and provides comfort related to plantar fasciitis.
THE DESIGN allows wide range of motion during activity and still provide support for the ankle tendons and joints.
BREATHABLE MATERIAL, comfortable, flexible and durable.
SPEED UP the healing phase.
STABILIZING SUPPORT, provides stability and support for ankle tendons and joints, reducing the risk of injury.
ATHLETE FRIENDLY, the tie-up design can provide enough pressure to you. Ideal for indoor and outdoor sports that need strain ankles during exercise.
SIMPLE, easy to wear. Provide excellent support and comfort for everyday use.
VERSATILE and innovative gear to helps improve blood circulation, help recover from any chronic ankle pain.
NON SLIP, perfectly holds the ankle in place to prevent sliding

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