Ed Hardy Full Body Massage Glove


This Massager is equipped with 9pcs 360° rollers, allows you to massage any point of your body, will bring you comfortable feelings while rolling, helps remove your fatigue by improving circulation. Reduces aches and pains.
Helps to remove the fatigue, improve the eyesight, prevent the neck diseases and dizziness, activate and beautify the skin.
Used for massaging the right points of the body, to promote the blood circulation, relax muscle pain. 9 rolling balls, 360 degree rotating position, can massage any point of your body. Palm shape design, easy to wear on hand and convenient to use. Rolls back and forth at any time anywhere.

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  • Deeply exfoliates for smoother skin
  • Great for use with essential oils and creams
  • Provides whole body stress relief
  • Great for post workout
  • Body care with 9-roller rolling, massage roller can be rotated in 360 degrees
  • Massage the related acupuncture point, it can play the effective alleviation
  • Role of low spirit or fatigue, you thigh, arm, – Knee point can be relaxed
  • Extend the muscule blood circulation, promote blood circulation
  • Easy to operate and durable, comfortable touch feel
  • Size: 16 x 13cm (L x W) (Approx)