DMI Walking Cane and Walking Stick for Adult Men and Women


Product details

Brand DMI
Material Aluminum
Color Black
Shaft Material Aluminum
Extended Length 37 Inches
Handle Material Rubber, Aluminum

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  • WALKING CANE FOR MEN OR WOMEN is both lightweight and durable. Cane weighs only 12 ounces but can support up to 250 pounds with a slip resistance tip for durability helping to prevent slips and falls
  • ADJUSTABLE WALKING CANE adjusts from 33-37 inches in 1 inch increments. The locking ring stops the cane from rattling and ensures it stays in place after adjusting
  • CANE WITH ERGNOMIC SOFT OFFSET HANDLE AND WRIST STRAP help to secure the cane to avoid drops making it comfortable to grip even for long periods, helping to reduce hand fatigue and soreness
  • WALKING STICK improves mobility by evenly distributing weight while building strength and confidence
How to Properly Size a Cane

1. Wearing your shoes, naturally stand upright.

2. Put your arms to your side with a natural bend at the elbow.

3. Have someone measure the distance from your wrist joint to the floor. This measurement is the height your cane should be set at.

Note: If you cannot have someone measure for you, convert your height to inches and divide by two. Add a half-inch to this height. This number is the height your cane should be set at.