Traletry Disposable Toilet Seat Cover 10 Pcs, 18×15 Inches – Premium Quality Thick 20 GSM Wood Pulp – XL Toilet Seat Cover – Suitable for All Type of Seats



  • Not an Ordinary Cover – Our premium quality toilet seat covers disposable have a thick base of 20 GSM wood pulp, serving as a barrier between you and the pathogens, so you can use public bathrooms without worrying about contamination
  • Your Hygiene Partner – Thanks to our toilet seat covers, you don’t have to worry about coming in direct contact with germs or bacteria that may be found on the toilet seats, which means you can open the chambers of secret fearlessly
  • An Essential to Every Traveler – Make our flushable toilet seat covers an essential when you are on the go so you can use any public bathroom where the toilet papers are limited; plus, it can be flushed easily in the airplane without leaving any marks behind
  • Grossness Takes an Exit – Gone are the days of layering toilet paper in the bowl to avoid direct contact with nasty seat rims; use our high-density toilet cover seat that fits well with every size while creating a hygienic barrier
  • Accessible Public Hygiene – Our toilet seat covers disposable flushable with the size of 18×15 Inches (XL), come in a pack of 5, 10 pieces each, sealed in a zip lock bag, making it a travel essential so that you can sit with ease and pee in peace without any disgust

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Do you know what is more disgusting than an open sewerage line?

Sitting on a public toilet where an unlimited number of unknown people have taken a dump, only god knows what else.

To save me and many others from this wet, messy, and disgusting situation, I came up with a disposable, clean, and easy-to-carry solution.