Bio360 Probiotics Immune Support Formula


About this item

  • SCIENCE-BACKED PROBIOTICS: Our proprietary immunity support formula combines 20 billion gut-friendly bacteria, 6 targeted probiotic strains and multiple vitamins to help support your body’s natural defenses. A once per day immunity boosting supplement
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT: A weakened immune system cannot protect you against bacteria and viruses. Bio360 Immune Health Formula is specifically formulated to help boost your immune system from the inside out. A natural immunity booster is great for self care.
  • 12 INGREDIENTS TO HELP SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE HEALTH: 6 Probiotic strains plus Zinc, Copper, and Vitamins A, C, D3 and L-Glutamine to help boost your immune health. Our multi-tasking probiotic is best for digestive health and immunity support.
  • 70-80% OF IMMUNE CELLS LIVE IN YOUR GUT: Not addressing your gut health is a major oversight in boosting immunity. Our advanced gut health probiotic supplement helps support and regulates the digestive system’s natural flora balance which is an immune booster.
  • NO REFRIGERATION & BLISTER PACK: Bio360 Immune Health Formula is manufactured in a GMP certified, FDA inspected facility to maintain quality standards and ensure the efficacy of the supplement. Vegan Probiotic for Women and Men’s Immune Support.

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