Blood Pressure Cuff Arm 8.7-12.6 (22-32CM) Small


Product Description

Small Blood Pressure Monitors Cuff Replacement(8.7-12.6 inches)


Replacement Arm Cuff: Improper size cuff/damaged cuff will affect the reading of the sphygmomanometer, and timely replacement of the appropriate cuff will make the measurement more accurate.

Compatible Design: This blood pressure cuff is suitable for most models of blood pressure instruments.

Suitable Crowd: Teenager/Thin Adult with arm circumferences of 8.7”-12.6”.

Quality Assurance: Sturdy Nylon material and latex free hose can be used for a long time, just buy with confidence.


1. Remove the original joint and insert it into the new cuff.
2. Wrap the cuff around the left upper arm, and the cuff tube should be located inside the arm and in line with the middle finger.
3. The bottom of the cuff should be located 2-3cm above the inner side of the elbow joint of the upper arm.
4. Place your forearms flat on the table, palms up and sit up straight. Attention: keep the center of the cuff is at the same height as your heart.
5. Press the switch button, remain still and don’t talk until the measurement process is complete.

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About this item

  • Small Blood Pressure Cuff- This Blood Pressure Cuff is suiatable for Upper Arm Circumference 8.7-12.6 Inches (22-32CM)
  • For more Accurate- The appropriate cuff can make the measurement more comfortable and accurate according to clinical trials.
  • Easy to Install- Remove the original joint and insert it into the new cuff.
  • What’s in the Box- regular cuff only,Bp monitor is not included.