Good Year Contoured Lumbar Support Cushion


Good Year Full Size Back Support Pillow for Office Chair or Car / SUV – Helps Relieve Back Pain – 100% Pure Memory Foam – Improves Posture – Fits Most Seats – Washable Cover

Goodyear’s Contoured Lumbar Support Pillow is ideal for those experiencing mild, moderate or severe back pain, especially in the mid or lower back. The specially-molded memory foam pillow can help alleviate discomfort associated with herniated discs, pulled muscles or ligaments, or general stiffness directly related to long drives or other long periods of sitting. The ergonomically-designed memory foam core is molded to gently guide your lumbar (lower spine) into the right position, discouraging slouching or other ways of sitting which may further stress an uncomfortable or injured lower back. This helps encourage blood flow to the area, which in turn relieves the discomfort caused by existing injury or stressed sitting. There’s no more worrying about your back at work, during long drives, or while sitting on an airplane. With a design that molds to your body and doesn’t collapse like a feather pillow or a poly-filled cushion, you can bring that extra relief with you! Goodyear’s support pillow adds a few extra inches to the length, extending from the mid back to provide extra support. Plus, the universal design can easily slip into any seat without any cramming or forcing. Light and easy to transport, Goodyear’s support pillow makes it incredibly simple to add comfort wherever you go. With a single adjustable strap, it’s a cinch to install in the car, desk chairs, dining room chairs, and even wheelchairs, or take it with you onto airplanes for a much more comfortable flight. Outfit your seat for relief! Don’t get stuck with radiating pain. Adjust the way you sit with the Goodyear Contoured Lumbar Support Pillow!

• Ergonomic shape follows the natural curve of the body • Extra length for added comfort and support

• Removable cover cleans in any washing machine • Adjustable strap conforms to any type of seat

• Easy one-buckle installation

• Ideal for those who suffer from lower back pain from injury or chronic condition

• Dimensions: 18.25” by 15.25” by 5.5”

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  • ULTIMATE LUMBAR SUPPORT – High-grade memory foam is key to Goodyear’s Contoured Lumbar Support Cushion. Firm yet comfortable, high-grade memory foam doesn’t get “mushy” or collapse like a feather pillow or a cushion filled with polyester stuffing. Memory foam stays in place, which is incredibly important for lumbar support. The durable material gently guides your lower spine into alignment, which helps to encourage blood flow and alleviates pressure off this sensitive area of the body.
  • COMFORTABLE PLUSH – Whether you sit with the Goodyear Contoured Lumbar Support Cushion for an hour or an entire day, you should be leaning against something comfortable, even luxurious feeling. A deluxe plush cover ensures continued comfort on top of the molded memory foam, so your ride (or drive, or day at the office, or airplane trip) won’t aggravate your mid and/or lower back pain.
  • USE IN ANY SEAT – Sitting in comfort is at your control. Goodyear’s back pillow can be used in many types of seats and chairs where you could use a little extra lumbar support. The adjustable one-clip belt is a cinch to install. The strap is generous enough to fit around many chairbacks, or sturdy enough to simply prop upright. The lightweight and portable pillow can be easily moved between chairs and vehicles. Some may also choose to use this lumbar support pillow with a wheelchair or even on an airplane.
  • WASHABLE COVER – Cleaning your Contoured Lumbar Support Cushion is simple. Just remove the ultra-plush fabric cover, toss in the wash with your other clothes, and replace it on the memory foam cushion when dry. There’s no need to wait for a thick pillow to dry, nor do you need to send it out for dry-cleaning or other specialized care. Simply pop it in the washing machine as needed or as part of your regular laundry routine.
  • EXTRA HEIGHT – Don’t just limit support to your lower back. Many lumbar support cushions stop at the mid-back, only providing support to part of your body. While many lumbar pillows are approximately 14” tall, the elongated full-body design of the Goodyear Contoured Lumbar Support Pillow adds a few extra inches to the back, providing more than 18” of additional structured and supportive memory foam