Accu-Answer 4 in 1 Cholesterol Multi-Monitoring System


Discover the easiest way to keep track of your health. This quick & easy test will help identify both diabetes or prediabetes, as well as giving you an insight into your cardiovascular health. The symptoms of diabetes may include frequent urination, persistent thirst, and chronic fatigue. High cholesterol has no signs or symptoms, so it’s important to check your levels regularly. High cholesterol can cause a dangerous accumulation of cholesterol and other deposits on the walls of your arteries (atherosclerosis). These deposits (plaques) can reduce blood flow through your arteries, which can cause complications, such as: Chest pain, Heart attacks and Strokes.

Multi-Monitoring system is for healthcare professionals and persons with diabetes, hyper-cholesterolemia, hyperuricemia or anemia to measure glucose, cholesterol, uric acid and hemoglobin values in fresh capillary whole blood or venous blood.

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Model Number  LBM-01
Response Time Total Cholesterol 15 Seconds
Blood Uric Acid 5 Seconds
Blood Glucose 5 Seconds
Hemoglobin 5 Seconds
Measure Range Total Cholesterol (103~413) mg/dL
Blood Uric Acid (1.5~20) mg/dL
Blood Glucose (20~600) mg/dL
Hemoglobin (5.0~26) g/dL
Reference Range Total Cholesterol (103~208) mg/dL
Blood Uric Acid Female: (1.5~5.95)mg/dL;
Male: (2.5-6.9) mg/dL
Blood Glucose (70~110) mg/dL
Hemoglobin Female: (11.0-15.0)g/dL;
Male: (13.5-17.5 ) g/dL
Power Supply DC3V(2 AAA Batteries or USB)
Working environment Humidity 10-90%
Temperature 10-40?
 Better working environment  Humidity  40-60%
 Temperature  20-25
 Sample   Fresh capillary whole blood and venous whole blood
 Memory   400 results with date and time
 Coding   1-49
 Unit of measure   mmol/L, mg/dL, mol/L
 Average calculation   7 days, 14 days and  28 days results average
 LCD Size   52*38mm
Dimension 111*59*16mm
Battery life About 1000 tests
Weight 110g without battery
Hematocrit 20-60%
Altitude Up to 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) above sea level
Automatic power off Approx. 3 minutes after last user action