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Area rugs and carpets are a beautiful addition to any home. Like well-placed wall decor or fine paintings, they contribute to the overall character and complete the furnishing of a well-decorated room. Unlike wall decor, however, rugs and carpets usually receive a fair amount of traffic.

When you bought your area rug, you probably spent a significant amount of time picking it out, selecting the perfect pattern and colors to match your home and your lifestyle. Why would you give any less care and thought when it comes to deciding how to best clean and protect your floor coverings? Every rug requires special care to maximize the life and durability of the piece. When selecting a rug or carpet cleaning service, it is worth paying attention to exactly how the people you hire will treat, clean and handle them.

Our trusted professionals can clean almost any rug or carpet and have it looking fabulous. We ensure they are carefully handled and cleaned by our certified & trained specialists who perform a thorough evaluation in order to provide the safest, most effective clean. Due to the wide variety in construction materials and styles of rugs, we’ll be happy to provide an in-home analysis and prepare a no-obligation quote.

Our gentle yet deep cleaning process removes oils, grease, dirt, grit, sand and allergens from your rug or carpet while preserving the colors within the fibers, leaving them vibrant and fresh. Upon booking a service, our certified technician will visit your home or business and inspect your rug/carpet for any problem areas, stains, pet accidents, or any other concern that may need special attention.

We will thoroughly inspect and clean your fibers to the best of our ability without affecting the colour or texture, bringing new life to your living or working space. Once our cleaning process is complete, your rug/carpet will dry quickly so it’s ready to be used by you, your family or anyone again as soon as possible.

Trust your finest rugs to UV Micro Cleaning professionals and let our specialists bring the patterns and colors back to their original beauty, while also leaving your home or business cleaner and healthier for you, your family or anyone occupying the space.

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